Sunday, November 17, 2019

How To Make Extra Money (And Still Work Full Time)

Ever wanted to make extra money on the side using side hustles? I know for me, the biggest issue I ever had with money was my income or the lack of income.

Sometimes One Job Isn’t Enough

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and some people struggle just for the basics. I needed to find ways to support my family without sacrificing my time and my health.

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of mental and physical health issues. I found out first hand how serious stress can be on your personal wellness. So, my search began to find ways to increase my income. I wanted to use my talents and experiences. That’s when I discovered the side hustle.

Flex Your Side Hustle Muscle

In this post, I will share some of the best side hustles I ever had. I have always prided myself on being a workaholic since middle school. I was taught that if you work hard you can accomplish a lot. So I got my first job at sixteen while participating in multiple activities at school and maintaining honor roll. Even today I have two jobs and a fabulous up and coming blog that I created after using this free blog starter guide.

Managing your time effectively and working to support your family is easier with multiple income streams. Try to find jobs that aren’t too physically exhausting and provide a good amount of income. You should always look for ways to get a higher income stream for your family while reducing the amount of time you must actually be at work.

Driving For Uber

Uber Driving for Uber is a good way to get an instant income boost but is definitely like running your own business. There are tax and insurance obligations. You are responsible for other people and need to be professional. You have to keep your car and phone updated and in good working order. It’s much like having another job but you make your own hours. This is one of the most effective side hustle for my family. You can sign up to be an Uber driver here.


I learned how to get paid for writing articles and start my own personal blog not only for monetary purposes but as a stress reliever. It’s become my outlet and a passion. My dream as a teenager was to write a book and I am well on my way to accomplishing that. I took the plunge and launched my blog.

You don’t have to be perfect but you have to be able to educate yourself and practice continuously. Be confident in your goal which is to help others by sharing your expertise. Blogging and freelancing are a help focused career path and it isn’t easy. Find your niche and focus on your audience to become successful. Be aware that there is definitely work involved and it is not an overnight success. Websites like Fiverr allow you to list the freelancing services that you get paid for!


Survey sites are a great way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. I used to wonder if paid surveys really work but they do. I do surveys on my tablet or phone while watching tv or riding in the car or even on my lunch breaks. You can earn small amounts per survey with minimal effort or time.

Some of the best survey sites will give you gift cards instead of cash which come in handy for family expenses, such as gas, groceries or to local department stores.

I joined a few different survey sites to increase my survey intake and profit potential. My current favorites are:

Babysitting and Odd Jobs

You can also make extra money on the side by babysitting or even pet sitting. I signed up for Avon and found odd jobs on Fiverr, and Craiglist to do.

Just be careful, always use your intuition and be cautious with these jobs because sometimes you can get scammers. Be alert and aware of strange requests and people. I would get jobs from family and friends who needed someone to care for their pets or children. We mowed lawns and cleaned homes or garages for extra cash to boost our income

Wrapping It All Up

Using these methods you can certainly find ways to make extra money on the side using side hustles. Please, understand that the true definition of a side hustle is to increase your income. There are many ways to do that so find what works best for you. Looking for more methods to make money from home? Check out this post on the best money making apps by our friends over at the BeerMoney Community.

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